To avoid short circuits and uncessary electric wires, contact Davtec. If you are having trouble with wiring's or find appliance installation a problem, then worry no more, we are just one call away. If wirings, or switches needs to be  repaired or replace, we would be more than happy to help you.we make sure that the wires are safely connected and check it twice.



Our services offers connecting, installing form the smallest light bulb to the largest chandeliers with precision.we can do indoor and outdoor lighting connections and makes it sure that those wires and lights are securely connected to avoid further damage and accidents. if you need your home to be wonderfully lighted, then you need us.



It is the electrician's duty to check, install, repair, or replace lights, and other wirings.We have the best electricians for they are accredited in level 2. Our electricians are trained and are highly equipped for the job and we will be able to attend to your needs. be it, emergency no matter how large or small, we will be sure to help you.

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Our Services

  • Electrical Services
  • Lighting Services
  • Level 2 Electricians

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About us

Founded on 2003, Davtec is composed of electricians and licensed engineers who will bring you electrical and lighting services. We make sure that every wire connected to your unit is safe and secured...
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DAVTEC Group pty ltd

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